Preparing Your Site For Your New Garden Time Shed Or Structure

FoundationDo I Need A Foundation?

We Recommend a Level Crushed Stone Pad.

A Garden Time Prepared Stone Pad:

  • Provides even support
  • Provides excellent drainage
  • Minimizes splash back
  • Is available in any size & shape

A site prep done by Garden Time guarantees your building against settling for 10 years.

Do I Need A Permit?

Every town has different requirements. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permits. Garden Time will gladly provide any building specs necessary. Building code officials will also be able to advise you on setback requirements for property lines.

About Our Site Preparation Services

Garden Time Can Help!
 Site Prep prices are determined by the size of your building and accommodates up to 6″ out of level. We use 3/4″ crushed stone to lay a 4″ deep pad that extends one foot beyond all side walls. This will ensure better drainage around the shed. Sites more than 6″ out of level are subject to additional charges to cover the cost of stone.

Even a challenging site will be prepared by our experienced staff. If any additional charges are needed they will be submitted for your approval first.

How Level Is My Site?

A level site is the most critical requirement for years of service and enjoyment of your shed.

A level site is the most critical requirement for years of service and enjoyment of your shed

  1. Stake out your site (a stake at each corner 2′ longer and wider then the building size.)
  2. Attach a string to the bottom of the stake that is at the highest elevation.
  3. Attach level to string and tie string to stake at the highest elevation and make the string level. Tie to the stake at the lowest elevation. Measure the distance from the string to the ground. This will tell you how much out of level your ground is.

Crushed Stone Pad Prices

Shed SizePad Size PriceShed SizePad SizePriceShed SizePad SizePrice
8 x1010 x12$51010 x2012 x22$64012 x3614 x38$1030
8 x1210 x14$51510 x2412 x26$70014 x1616 x18$655
8 x1410 x16$52012 x1414 x16$61014 x1816 x20$710
8 x1610 x18$55012 x1614 x18$62014 x2016 x22$770
10 x1010 x12$52012 x1814 x20$65514 x2416 x26$860
10 x1212 x14$54012 x2014 x22$69514 x2616 x28$910
10 x1412 x16$56012 x2414 x26$78514 x2816 x30$955
10 x1612 x18$59012 x2614 x28$82514 x3016 x32$1005
10 x1812 x20$59512 x3014 x32$91014 x3216 x34$1170