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Getting the Most Out of Your Annuals

Summer days have arrived! Your gardens are planted, your window boxes are full and your hanging baskets look gorgeous!  You’ve invested in having the most beautiful yard on the block. The question is, How can you get the most out of your plantings? No-Fail Feeding: Flowering plants require a balance of nutrients in order to…
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That Garden You Can’t Face

It is already July.  I am embarrassed to say that yet again, I have not attacked that trouble spot in my yard. I am sure you can relate. You know, that spot that is the LAST place to ever receive attention when you are out doing your regular yard chores.  Maybe it’s a spot that…
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Planting Peonies

Planting Peonies It is the most glorious time of year; the peonies are blooming!  If you are anything like me, you simply cannot pass one by without feeling the urge to bury your nose in, and inhale deeply.  Their massive size and showy colors offer an impressive and elegant display in your perennial garden and…
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