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Ask the Gardener – Ants

I have never had ants inside my house. This year I have seen several large-bodied ants in my kitchen, should I worry about more? There are many species of ants. Large bodied ants could be carpenter ants that thrive commonly in moist, dead wood. Check around the perimeter of your home and check out any…
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Kids Club BUGS BUGS BUGS Event

Join us for our July Kid’s Club Event: Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… Explore the world of creepy crawly critters! When: July 23rd at 11am and 2 pm Space is limited for this free event – so please RSVP Queensbury – (518) 793-8555 Rutland – (802) 747-0700 Not Registered? E-Mail [email protected]