Ask The Gardener – Snails & Slugs

About 3 weeks ago I visited your store and purchased the most beautiful sky blue pansies. Now I find a lot of leaves with holes in them but I see no signs of insects.  What’s eating them?

What you have on your pansies are snails & slugs.  Look for slimy trails on the plants and soil. Those are left by the slugs as they travel – Take a peek at night and you’ll see them. “Snails and slugs must remain moist at all times so they feed at night to avoid the hot sun.) We recommend Slug bait pellets like Sluggo or Bug-Geta Slug Bait by Ortho. Be sure to place the bait in areas where they might hide like moist areas of leaves or compost. Repeat the bait application once every 2 weeks until your problem is gone.