Things we dig…

Andy and I just got back from a trip to Baltimore to visit the IGC Show – A trade show for Independent Garden Centers.  While we haven’t really begun buying product for the 2016 season, we did hit the show floor with a list of things to look for.  Ok, well really it wasn’t so much of a list and more just a need to find out what’s new in the world of gardening.

We found some awesome stuff!air plants

AMAZING Air plants!  With very cool blooms.  Super easy to keep – these plants require no soil!


Very cool new “sister” fairies and a whole new selection of accessories!  We can’t wait to get these to the shop and start creating new gardens!

Sedum flats



Sedum!  We always love sedum!  This stuff is super cool though.  They grow a mix of low growing varieties in a solid mat that can be cut to any size and shape!

Sombrero coneflower

Check out these multi-colored Coneflowers!  Sombrero Flamenco and Sombrero Baja.  I have no room in my perennial beds, but for these babies I might have to extend a bit!